Research Assistants


EEG Research AssistantsInvolved with the data collection, processing and analyzing EEG experiments.
Allison Drody, BA (Psyc)
Anoosh Hajialinaghi

4th year BSc student (Cognitive Systems - Brain and Cognition Stream)
Cynthia Lu

4th year BA (Psyc) student, minor: Japanese and culture
Ee Faye Ong, BSc (Cognitive Systems - Brain and Cognition Stream)
Katie Yokota

4th year BA student (Psyc)
Kitty Yan
Lampo Zeng

4th year BA student (Psyc)
Leili Mortazavi

3rd year BA hons student (Psyc)
Luanna Lin, BA (Psyc)
Nelli Grigs
Patricia Jiang
Patricia Villegas

4th year BA student (Psyc)
Pavithraa Ravi
Rachel Lee

2nd year BA student (Psyc)
Rachel Wong, Bsc (Psyc)
Sharon Lee

4th year BA student (Psyc)
Tatyana Romeus-Kebe